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Our Electrical Services

    Panels & Breakers

    • New Installs

      If you need to install a brand new electrical panel to replace the aging, out-of-date system in an old home or to get all set up at your brand new home, our technicians have all of the tools and skills necessary to see our project through to completion.

    • Panel Upgrades

      Sometimes in older homes, you will find that the electrical was only designed to handle 30-60 amps of power for the entire house. With numerous advances in technology leading to an increase in the number of electrical devices per household, a typical home requires a 100-200 amp panel. If you are looking to upgrade your panel for increased safety and efficiency within your household electrical system, Magic can help.

    • Surge Protection

      Instead of relying on power strips to protect your electronic devices from surges, why not start at the source? Whole house surge protective devices are installed in your circuit breaker box, giving you peace of mind that your electronics are safe from spikes in the electrical current at all times.

    • Breaker Installs and Repairs

      If your circuit breaker experiences a severe crash and can not reset, it might need to be replaced or repaired. Our expert electricians can take a look and recommend the best course of action for your home.


      If you are uncertain about the status of the electrical system in your home, one of our licensed Magic ians can inspect it for safety and efficiency. Keeping our customers safe is our top priority and greatest pleasure.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    “This was seamless. I put in the request, it was arranged, they were here on time and within an hr. we had our outlet. Really appreciate how easy this project was from start to finish.” – Janet C.

    “They were very knowledgeable and friendly. We have several projects coming up and we will rehire them for those projects.“ – Rod D.

    “The electricians knew what they were talking about and answered all our questions. The job turned out great! These guys were professional and organized!” - Jim L.


    Switches & Outlets


      Having the ability to choose the speed of a fan has numerous benefits. In addition to convenience, the fan speed allows you to maximize the heating and cooling in an individual room. Enjoy superior comfort with designs that can be wall mounted for both ease and accuracy.


      With dimmer switches, you can control the ambience of a room and save energy simultaneously. Unlike a traditional light switch, where your only two options are 0% electricity and 100% electricity, dimmers allow you to control exactly how much light you need and how much energy you want to consume for any given activity. By putting a dimmer to good use, you can save money on your electric bill each month.

    • GFCI Outlets

      Contrary to what you might think, all outlets are not created equal. At Magic, we always recommend that our customers install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets to keep their homes and businesses safe and up to code. GFCI outlets can detect the amount of electricity flowing to and from their circuit. If there is a spike in the electricity flowing into the circuit, they will shut off the power to protect you from being shocked. GFCI outlets have saved thousands of lives, and they should definitely be installed in any areas where your electrical devices might come into contact with water.


      When you include a USB port directly onto the surface of your electrical outlet, you can eliminate the need for converter tools and charge any device with a USB connection more conveniently.

    • Pathway Lighting Receptacles

      When you install lighting receptacles in your home, you’ll never have to switch on a nightlight or fumble in the dark for a flashlight again. This upgrade can be especially helpful for dark hallways or bathrooms you might need to access more easily at night.

    Home Wiring & rewiring

    Whether you’re embarking on a remodeling project in your home, or have been making regular trips to the circuit panel lately, you should weigh your electrical options carefully. After all, the technology in your living space isn’t the only thing that’s progressed in recent years. The parts, techniques and safety standards that make up your home electrical infrastructure have too.

    We can help with:

    • Remodels
    • New Circuits
    • Outlet, Switch and Light Installation
    • Hot Tub Wiring Installations
    • Circuit Extension

    Indoor & outdoor lighting

    Selecting how you’ll light your home can become a daunting task for many. How you light your home affects mood and determines how well people can see art, decorations or one another. To complicate the decision, there are a variety of bulb types, fixtures, colors and wattages available, making the possibilities seem endless.

    The veteran team at Magic will help you pick the right lights based on your preferences and needs. Put our extensive knowledge and expertise to work for you.

    Some of our indoor specialties include:

    • Soft lighting
    • Saturation
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Fixtures
    • Special installations

    Some of our outdoor specialties include:

    • Flood lights
    • Porch and patio fixtures
    • Motion-sensor lighting
    • Step lights
    • Post lanterns

    Like any lighting project, improperly installed outdoor lights can be an eyesore and even a hazard. Additional factors come into play when installing and considering an outdoor lighting project. Among other considerations, outdoor installations should take into account the amount of space to be illuminated and the light and power requirements to fill the space for the desired application and effect.


    ceiling fans & fixtures

    The Magic ceiling fan services we offer are:

    • Fan and fixture installation, repair
    • Ceiling fan measurements
    • Ceiling fan maintenance, including checking balance, chain switch, speed switch and control unit.
    • Verify compatibility of your electrical box with your ceiling fan, and if not install a new one.

    home inspections

    Scheduling an annual full-home electrical safety inspection is crucial to the overall safety of your household. The easiest way to prevent electrical emergencies, including house fires, is to make sure all of your electrical equipment is up to code and not in need of repair. For many it’s easy to skip out on, but when you consider what’s really at stake, helping to ensure the safety of your home is a worthy investment. Getting an annual inspection, along with taking preventative measures, is the best way to ensure the electrical health of your home. Call Magic and have a home electrical inspection done annually, and rest easy knowing your home has been inspected and is up to code.

    a full-home electrical safety inspection includes:

    • Inspection of all outlets

    • inspection of all wiring

    • inspection of all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

    • inspection of all electrical panels

    • inspection of all circuit breakers

    • inspection of outdoor lighting

    • and more!

    when should i get a safety inspection?

    The National Fire Protection Association has confirmed that electrical fires are one of the top causes of home structure fires. When you call Magic for your home safety inspection, our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of all of your electrical equipment and wiring, then inform you of the results so you can decide how you want to proceed to protect your home. Our goal is always to make your home as safe as possible. 

    • if you are buying or selling a home

    • it has been 10 years or more since you had an inspection

    • you have recently had a major electrical repair on your home

    • you have circuit breakers that trip regularly